Learn about Mushrooms

There are a few different spiels we give when it comes to talking to people about mushrooms. All of them point to one thing. Education on the benefits and possibilities that mushrooms provide is extremely lacking. Our aim at Sisu Mushroom Farm is to educate people while keeping it entertaining and hopefully, get one more person interested in growing mushrooms as a hobby.

At Sisu Mushroom Farm, we grow Gourmet, Functional, and Medicinal mushrooms. Our family farm does not grow or sell any psychedelic (magic) mushrooms. 

While most people know that mushrooms are a great nutrient source, one question we often hear is, "Can we eat these raw?" Short answer is, sort of. Mushrooms are very nutrient dense. However, their chitin composed cell walls must be broken down in order to obtain those nutrients. Cooking your mushrooms breaks down those walls. Another way to do this would be through an alcohol extraction, ie. a tincture.