Ok I grew the mushrooms, now what?

Ok I grew the mushrooms, now what?

Here we are adding a list of our favorites recipes. These types of Mushrooms are new to a lot of people, and we hope with this assistance it can open everyone's mind to their deliciousness!

Our Favorite/Easiest recipe that we tell all newbies:

Pan Sautéed Mushrooms: 

All of our mushrooms are great sliced if its Lions Mane/ Torn or diced If it is an Oyster and tossed into a skillet with oil, salt and pepper, and any seasoning of your choice. (We are from Louisiana so Tony's is always in the mix.)

While in skillet, cook out all Moisture by pressing down with a spatula until desired consistency. (We like ours crunchy)

Keep in mind there is no core temperature to reach as our mushrooms are edible raw or cooked. Cooked mushrooms provide way more nutrients than raw. 

(We will keep this updated as we create new recipes.)

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